Update: welcome to the new-and-improved recap! This recap, unlike the last, weighs in at less than a million billion byes of text and code highlighting and will now load in your feed reader.

This is a recap of my entries into the 2008 Winter Scripting games. From, like, the winter. I know, it's April, we're already in summertime mode here in Texas, and it is quite clear that it is no longer 'the winter'. Let's move on, shall we?

I'm going to work through each of the following scripts illustrated in the table below (the counts for "Lines", "Words", and "Characters" mean what you would imagine they mean):


Compare the above table to MOW, who, for example, had a 1 line, 8 word, 58 character solution for #6. My solutions are (relatively) HUGE. So my recaps, which contain the full source, will necessarily be HUGE as well.

For each problem, I'm going to quickly sum up the interesting (at least TO ME) bits of each problem, then I'm going to post the full source.

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