While writing my last (admittedly-grumpy) update, I made a reference to the fact that I couldn't get Silverlight working on Firefox. As it turns out, as it always turns out, it was me.

Culprit: Flashblock

My exotic Firefox plugin ecosystem, specifically Flashblock, was to blame. What was happening is that the magic that was allowing me to browse the web sans Flash ads was the same magic that prevented Silverlight from loading. Unlike its excellent "opt-in" Flash placeholder, Flashblock blocks Silverlight, period. Flashblock was in fact, acting a little too well.

Thankfully, at least from what it says in the Flashblock changelog, it looks like Flashblock will soon support Silverlight. Phew! For a moment there I was going to have to make a difficult decision: absence of Flash, or presence of Silverlight? Crisis averted!

While we're here - Silverlightblock

I know I may be way ahead of the market here, but could someone go ahead and make a SilverlightBlock plugin? So that, by the time someone figures out Silverlight is an excellent platform for obnoxious and intrusive multimedia advertisements, I'll be prepared? THANKS IN ADVANCE!