Announcing: Houston Techfest 2008 – 09/13/2008 at U of H


The second annual Houston Techfest takes place on Saturday, September 13th, at the U of H main campus. This year the Techfest has expanded to over fifty sessions. Make the time to attend!

This is a free, community-driven event that (this year anyway) features mostly Java-related or .NET-related content, with a smattering of just about everything else.

This is your only chance to attend such a wide variety of in-depth sessions, in one place, without getting on a plane and flying somewhere. If you’re bored by flashy tech demos, attend the Methodology, Security, and ALT.NET (AKA Continuous Improvement) tracks. On the other hand, if you love flashy tech demos, we’ve got those too! Lots of them! I'm also happy to say that most of the sessions cover advanced topics, so if you're an information nut like me, you'll find something new at the Techfest. And it’s not all business either; there'll be fun sessions on XNA, Deep Zoom, and Robotics Studio. Don't forget, the price is right!

Houston Techfest 2008 Topics List

A Deep Dive in the ADO.NET Entity Framework Getting started with Linq Keynote: Having fun in building Web Applications using Ruby/JRuby/Rails LINQ to SQL and Gotchas manageability, operation and monitoring of .NET applications. Using the new Features in C# 3.0 ASP.NET AJAX and the Future of Web Development Creating Services which Rock DotNetNuke Dynamic Data A look into the Ajax Frameworks A Look into Windows Workflow Foundation in .NET Framework 3.5 ASP.NET 4.0 (Ajax Templeting, MVC Dynamic Data, MVC Ajax, etc) Developing with .Net and Oracle Technology Parallel Computing with .NET : Design Patterns in .Net Getting Started with NHibernate Intro to Test-Driven Development Mocks and Stubs TDD, DI, and SoC with ASP.NET MVC Improving Application Performance using Team Suite Oracle SQL Tricks and Traps Oracle URM (Universal Records Management) and Microsoft Sharepoint Robotics Studio – Interfacing with the real world. XNA and Game Studio Building a blog with ASP.NET MVC Cross-Platform .NET: Mono and Moonlight Parallelizing Mature Algorithms using OpenMP Virtual Worlds and Virtual World Evangelism: From Here to Eternity Java FX Scene Graphs Java Solutions to Capacity Issues Concurrent Programming Topics in Java Google Web Toolkit Instrumenting your code to reduce support headaches Bandwidth and performance considerations in Ajax/RIA/polling applications Eclipse RCP Managing Software Complexity Migrating to Maven 2 Demystified The Point of Exceptions Building SOA Applications using BPEL, Open ESB, JBI, GlassFish and JavaFX Script is a compiled, declarative scripting language that runs on New in Spring 2.5 and the world of Spring OSGi, Spring Dynamic Modules, and SpringSource Application Platform The Productive Polyglot Programmer Adopting Process One Bite at a Time Behavior Driven Design: OO Priniciples & the Cure for Badly Designed Applications Principles of Object Oriented Design Scrum-tastic Development with Visual Studio Team System and Light Weight Scrum Making Your Test Lab Obsolete with Virtualization Securing and Protecting Applications and Services Static Analysis Techniques for Testing Application Security The OWASP Top 10 WS-Federation 5 Things I Learned from Lean that Could Have Saved My Last Agile project Intro to Silverlight 2.0 Silverlight Deep Zoom WPF and Silverlight Data Binding WPF and Silverlight Styles and Templating

  ..oO( Full Houston Techfest 2008 Agenda )Oo.. 

==> To attend, you must register! <==

  1. Register as a user on the Techfest site. Here is a direct link to the registration page.
  2. Without closing the browser (and without losing your session) visit the Agenda page and select each session you'd like to attend.


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