This will be quick.

QUESTION: is there anyplace in, near, around, or even remotely near downtown Houston, where I can go get free wifi? Where they're not trying to shoo me out the door as soon as I walk in? The first person to say "Starbucks" gets shot; they don't give out free internet anymore, since 2000, or way long ago. Also in the news, they're closing a bunch of stores. ARE THESE TWO THINGS RELATED? You make the call!

Back to business.

I'm looking for something as awesome as a Panera. 1) Free wifi, 2) Encouraged/allowed to stay for 2+ hours, 3) Fountain drinks are a huge bonus, but not required.

And before you ask, no, for some reason there are no Panera's near me. Anywhere near me. Allow me to illustrate!