I'm not going to say anything directly; instead, I'll just post a transcript of three (ostensibly successful) developers from a recent DotNetRocks show.  Here's the interview snippet:


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Carl: So, seen anything cool out there in the vast world of the internet?
Rocky: Well as you might know, I'm a gamer.
Richard: Yay!
Rocky: Yep. The cool things that I've been doing, and these aren't downloadable exactly--I'm hooked on Civilization IV.
Richard: OH NO!
Rocky: So that is--what little free time I have has all been sucked away...
Richard: I had to avoid it man, it's like 3 months of my life GONE if I even touch that game.
Carl: Yeah, I can't--I can't afford to even think about games like that.
Rocky: Well, it's a luxury that I allow myself, usually at the end of every big project.
Richard: Right.
Carl: Yeah.
Rocky: So I'm at the end of [writing] the book, and so I go out and I buy whatever game I've been...drooling over for months, and this is it.


DotNetRocks, as you may know, is a weekly show that describes itself as "the internet audio talk show for .NET developers."  You can find the specific show quoted above by clicking on this link: Show #169 - CSLA.NET 2.0 with Rocky Lhotka.

Full Disclosure:

I think it would be dishonest if I didn't post my current "most frequently used programs" list:
Civilization 4 is prominently displayed on my most frequently used programs list