It took two minutes.

While browsing the discourse source code, and more specifically while attempting to load it in Sublime Text 2, I came across their sublime-project file. I'm already aware of these project files, which by the way are great for excluding files and folders you don't want to see in the sidebar, or see included in search results. I do a lot of 'Find in Files' in my day-to-day work, and sometimes get 5007 results, most of which come from a log file. Well I used to get the results, then I saw the light and used a sublime-project file and everything was great.

Fast forward to three minutes ago and my discovery of the Discourse project's sublime-project file.

You can set tab settings in your project files

This is something I had no idea was possible: project-specific tab settings!

        "tab_size": 2,
        "translate_tabs_to_spaces": true

Possibly the greatest thing about this little snippet is the line "tab_size": 2 is indented 4 spots from its parent. The rest of the file is consistently indented 2 spaces.

I don't know if the "for consistency, on this project we use 2 spaces for tabs universally, and btw this line is indented 4" situation is unintentional irony, but I'd like to think that someone did it on purpose. Because that's what I would do.

Final Note

Assuming I ever post again, when I do post again, it will be less researched, quick, unformed thoughts, or maybe things that are already obvious to everyone else. Basically like my twitter feed. I'm thinking of calling this series of posts The World Of Duh. You're welcome.