A Word from your friends at Subversion and TortoiseSVN

Clicking on the "TortoiseSVN" icon from the Start Menu (shown below)...

TortoiseSVN on the Start Menu


...pops up the following message:

TortoiseSVN friendly message 1


Later, while browsing through the repository's home directory, I came across this helpful reminder:

TortoiseSVN friendly message 2


GPL Compliance

Since this is an open source project licensed under the GPL, I'm required to fully publish all changes I've made to the code.  In the spirit of full disclosure and in the spirit of the GPL, I present to you my modified documentation:

TortoiseSVN GPL-licensed friendlier message 1
TortoiseSVN GPL-licensed friendlier message 2

I Swear I Love You Guys

Their documentation is excellent, and I swear I love you guys. I swear it. Anyway, thus far they've been an excellent set of products.

Subversion (SVN) project home page
TortoiseSVN project home page