I shouldn't count this as a review of Yahoo's UI Grids (and other, non-grid related) CSS tools, because I couldn't be bothered to read all the words on their site. But here goes anyway:

They failed to fix 100% of the CSS layout problems! Specifically, I encountered the "right column moves to bottom of the page when viewed in IE6" problem. You can check out this same behavior on Why the Lucky Stiff's main page; he hasn't bothered to fix IE rendering (and I don't blame him). I managed to fix my site with one of those ugly <!--[if IE]> tags in the HTML itself.


Diverting a little, I recommend everyone check out hackety.org [just some of "why's" handiwork].

Back to Yahoo UI Grids

My goal was to do a simple, quick redesign of this website using CSS for layouts (we shall not discuss what I may or may not have been using previously). Yahoo did help in a few ways:
  • SUPPORTING MY PHILOSOPHY OF NOT LEARNING: I didn't have to read an entire CSS book to get started. Or even Yahoo's own CSS advice!
  • SUPPORTING MY PHILOSOPHY OF QUALITY: I only needed two supplemental Google searches to find what I needed to know to tweak my layout. Now it's perfect.
  • WORK/LIFE BALANCE: I plugged in the basic layout within 10 minutes, and the extra fixes didn't take too much longer.
All in all, this was a relatively painless experience. If you're looking for a way to lay out your web page, and you don't like reading instructions, and you don't like learning about CSS, then this is definitely the framework for you! Also, if you ARE willing to read instructions, then definitely go visit their site and report back to me, via the comments link below (50 words or less). Thanks in advance!